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Matthew Wren. Matthew Wren Close is a pleasant cul-de-sac in a small..

Matthew Wren Close is a pleasant cul-de-sac in a small modern residential development in the village. It was formerly the site of a farm, known as Bury Farm. Part of it was also the garden of the 'Anchor' public house and was famous locally for growing early potatoes. Matthew Wren lived from 1585 until 1667. He was Bishop of Ely as well as holding other important Church positions and resided at the Bishop's Palace at Little Downham. During his tenure at Ely he was imprisoned in the tower of London for 18 years by Oliver Cromwell. On his release Wren donated a sum of money to build a new chapel at Pembroke College, Cambridge which was designed by his nephew Sir Christopher Wren who is famous for being the architect of St. Pauls Cathedral in London. Matthew Wren is referred to in Samuel Pepys' Diary and the following quotation is attributed to him:- "Ability is a poor man's wealth"